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My wife and I live in beautiful, little, Windsor, New Hampshire. We formed Pallet Furniture of Windsor in May, 2013. We felt that the hardwood from reclaimed pallets would make quality, long lasting furniture.
I enjoy creating each unique piece and seeing each one turn out a little different from the last one due to the different types of hardwoods that the pallets have. Each piece could have any combination of wood such as maple, oak, red oak, hickory, birch, beech, etc., and some pieces even have the bark from the trees they came from. Our benches could even have emblems on them such as Coca Cola, Remington, and others.
All our pieces are made in America right here in Windsor, New Hampshire. I use wood glue, staples and screws to assemble every piece so that they are well built. I then sand them and give them a waterproof and uv resistant finish for outdoor pieces or I give them a polyurethane finish for indoor use. Each of the finishes makes the grains in the woods pop.
We hope you enjoy our furniture as much as we do.

Thanks,  Bob


Pallet Furniture of Windsor